Resulting projects

Food Waste Challenge Leuven, 26-27-28 August 2016

ToastNSpread from Heart to leaf team

« ToastNSpread, the innovative food-truck with original, tasty and healthy toast. »


Heart to Leaf has a goal of creating a cheap and healthy toast for Brussels citizens by recycling unsold vegetable and bread.

Bread and vegetables are collected and transported by bike delivery from our partners to our food-truck, vegetables are firstly cooked with fabacea (beans, lentils ..) and herbs, our vegetable mixture are spread on toasted bread. And finally, our ToastNSpread is ready to be consumed.

ToastNSpread is not only environmentally friendly but it also has a agreeable savor and texture, moreover it contains all the essential amino acids. This food-truck is distinguished from his competitors by willing to sell a healthy and innovative product. The majority of European consumers have become much more aware of healthier lifestyle. They are in the market for low-fat and wholesome food.

Let’s Cook


Let’s cook together is a project that aims to gather people around food.In times of solitude, Lets cook together will connect people together. Getting to know your neighbors, learning to appreciate them, have fun, learn from each other. All participants will share their food surplus to cook with. While cooking and eating, people can share their stories.

By doing that they’ll create a new community and know new people. Also, they will learn how to value food, new recipes to be done and eventually will minimize the waste



Knowing that HORECA food waste is estimated at about 12 000 tons only in Brussels, we will develop an app matching urban & connected people with restaurants ready to monetize food waste. Thanks to delicious descriptions and geolocation, hungry people will easily find the tastiest and closest meals to save at their doorstep.

The concept of on-demand leftover meals already exists in some cities, but not in Belgium. Our add-on to this innovation would be the gamification of the concept, users being able to compete in food waste challenges with their friends or set goals of kilos of food saved.


Monkey Veggies


We are Monkey Veggies, a store that sells vegetable and fruit surplus from local farms completely free of any packaging. Through this new business venture we want to make people more aware of how important every consumer’s decisions are in environmental matters. Monkey Business shows that you can have access to cheap and healthy farm produce and help reduce food and package waste at the same time!

Surplus Deluxe


We want to present food surplus in a very sophisticated way. We are recreating the cocktail/tapas concept using food surplus. We combine pleasure, high quality food experience and raising awareness. We want to demonstrate to people that gastronomy/trendy food can be associated with food surplus.

The idea is to create a moving restaurant with high quality dishes and creative cocktails. Every weekend, the restaurant will open his doors in a new place in order to keep the experience unique, and the menu will continuously evolve to take into account the available food surplus.