Food Waste Challenge Leuven

Food Waste Challenge Leuven is an innovative process to help students and young professionals develop business solutions to food waste. Think about beer made of bread surplus or an app that connects food surplus with social organisations.

After our very inspiring Learning journey´s we are now organising a Masterclass Food Waste Challenge.

Fight Food Waste: From Idea to Business

Food Waste Challenge Leuven is an innovation process to help students and young professionals develop business solutions to food waste.

    1. From idea to business model in a weekend. Come 26-27-28 August 2016 to the masterclass with your idea and together we create a business around your thoughts. From idea to business model in a weekend. Register here.
    2. Coaching Programme – From business model to business. After the weekend you will be testing and implementing your ideas during three months, September-November 2016, with dedicated coaches.
    3. Closing event – Showcasing the new businesses. In December 2016 you will be presenting your idea´s to the Belgian Food Waste Scene.


Call for action

Our team is looking for people interested in making the Food Waste Challenge Leuven happen.

– Volunteer: Are you a social media guru, do you have talent for organising events or are you just curious about do things? Become volunteer during our Learning Journeys and/or Masterclass.

– Partner: Are you an organisation and do you want to help participants start a social business to fight food waste? Help us with the communication around our activities and with recruiting participants. Moreover, coach them during the Masterclass.

– Participant: Participate in our Learning Journey and/or Masterclass. Without you, nothing of this is possible!

Drop an email at and tell us how you can contribute!


Food Waste Challenge Leuven is made possible with the financial support of the Province of Vlaams-Brabant and Fonds Duurzaam Materialen- en Energiebeheer, managed by the Koning Boudewijnstichting.


The Food Waste Challenge is organised FSE Network andAct4Change, with the following partners: Eatmosphere,Gleaning Network Belgium, Disco Soupe Belgique, Slow Food Youth Network Bruxelles-Brussel, Vredeseilanden, Academics for Development Leuven, Jeugdcentrum Vleugel F – de jeugddienst van Leuven, Soepcarrousel, MakeSense, Noord-Zuid Studenten vzw and Klimaat op tafel and N-icebox.

Partners FWC