Fight Food Waste: From Idea to Business Model

Do you want to create your own social business to reduce food waste? Come to the Masterclass Innovation Weekend on Friday 26, Saturday 27, and Sunday 28 of August and learn how to do it! 

Register here to participate in the Food Waste Challenge! 

During the Masterclass, we help you understand the dynamics behind food waste and build your own sustainable startup to reduce it in just one weekend. So are you creative and entrepreneurial? Do you want to take concrete action to fight food waste? Are you living in Belgium? Then you came to the right place.

Why participate? Reducing food waste has an enormous environmental, ecological and financial impact. WIN, WIN, WIN!


Build your sustainable startup in an action-filled weekend:Program-masterclass.jpgWe are looking for you!

You have a concrete business idea to reduce food waste or you are a creative or entrepreneurial young person who wants to design an idea or join a team

We are looking for participants living in Belgium. Even though we aim for people between 18-35, there are no strict age limits.

The Challenge is taking place from Friday 26 August 18h30 to Sunday 28 August 18h30 at Don Bosco Jeugdverblijfcentrum Groot-Bijgaarden:
Hendrik Placestraat 46,
1702 Groot-Bijgaarden.

How can I join Food Waste Challenge Leuven?

  •  Think about a business idea to reduce food waste. Get inspired here.
  • Register through this link – choose which traject you want to follow (bread surplus, consumer waste, crop losses).
  • Pay your participation fee ( including food and accommodation): 35€ for students or people looking for a job, 50€ for working people via bank transfer. The payment instruction will follow in a email after registering.

Network with our innovative coaches, entrepreneurs & panel speakers:

Maxime Willem: Maxime is the founder of Proef!, a new culinary concept that aims to generate and transfer knowledge around food. He has developed several new products based on food surplus.

Pieter-Jan van de Velde: Pieter-Jan works at Trividend, a social impact investor focusing on Flanders. Furthermore, he is co-founder of Act4Change. Member of Generation T.

Jan Leyssens: Jan is the founder and context designer of Regenerative Design, which focuses on creating positive impact. He also works at Plan C as an expert on circular economy. He is an expert in strategy and business thinking. Member of Generation T.

Rob Renaerts: Rob is an expert in sustainable consumption, and the director and founder of the consultancy, CODUCO. With CODUCO, he has conducted several consultancy projects on food waste.

Elise Elsacker: Elise is a co-founder of Magma Nova, an innovation and design center focusing on bio-design. Additionally, Elise is a core member of the innovative group, Hackistan.

Gaël Staelens: Gaël is an expert in agro-biotechnology and nutrition research at VIVES University College. She is also working on the project ‘Restjesfabriek’, which turns food that otherwise wouldn’t be used (like broccoli stems) into new products.

Luana Carretto: Luana is the co-founder of the organisation “Taste Before You Waste”, which creates delicious meals out of food surplus. In addition to speaking on the panel, the meals of this weekend will be prepared by Luana and her team!

Joran Vuye: Joran is the founder of the startup “Re-Fruit” which collects surplus fruits and vegetables from farms and re-sells them for a fair price.

Angelique Vandevenne: Angelique is the business leader of the startup “Broodnodig”, an innovative project that uses excess bread to create biogas.

Joris Depouillon: Joris is the co-founder of the Food Surplus Entrepreneurs Network. He’s an expert in business model development, and will be facilitating as well as coaching.

Shanthuru Premkumar: Shanthuru is an expert in communication, and has years of experience working with social businesses.

Alice Codsi: Alice is the co-founder of the Food Surplus Entrepreneurs Network. In addition to this, she also helped start Disco Soupe in Brussels, and has worked with the Slow Food Movement in Belgium.

Network with our expert jury members:

Veerle Serpieters: Veerle is an innovation consultant at Innovatiepunt in Brussels.

Laurie Verheyen: Laurie is a counselor on waste at BECI in Brussels.

Francoise Decoster: Francoise is an environmental project leader at Colruyt.

Hélène Castel: Helene is a project administrator and manager at the International Food Waste Coalition.

Marie Demarcke: Marie is a project manager at Flanders’ FOOD.

Hilaire Spreuwers: Hilaire is a gastronomy consultant at Horeca Vlaanderen vzw.

Pierre-Alexander Klein: Pierre-Alexander is a cognitive neuroscientist, co-founder of Pressformore, and a core member of the organisation Hackistan.

Philippe Drouillon: Philippe is the founder of Metamorphosis and member of Transforma BXL.

Prizes to win:

By joining the Food Waste Challenge Leuven, you will have the chance to win special prizes, thanks to our partners.

  • Transforma BXL offers you:
    3 part time coworking passes for three teams during 4 months (value per month 150€ + tax). Total value:  5400€ + tax
  • Hackistan offers you:
    Coaching and access to infrastructure and leverage resources,depending on your needs.
  • Co-oking offers you:
    1st: 10 hours in the kitchen + 5 hours coaching + meetup = 689€ HTVA
    2nd and 3rd: 5 hours in the kitchen = 99€ HTVA
  • Business Center De Punt offers you:
    6 hours of consulting with a value of 450€


Food Waste Challenge Leuven is made possible with the financial support of the Provincie Vlaams-Brabant and Fonds Duurzame Materialen en Energiebeheer, managed by the Koning Boudewijn Foundation.

Food Waste Challenge Leuven is organised FSE Network and Act4Change. Read more about the entire programme here

7 thoughts on “Fight Food Waste: From Idea to Business Model

  1. Ik heb reeds een aantal initiatieven opgestart rond voedseloverschotten (meer info vind je op mijn FB pagina Peter Clerckx.) Wat staat er op het programma per dag vraag ik me af? Ter info: Ik leef zelf zonder enig inkomen en kan dit net doordat deze maatschappij zo veel bruikbaars weggooit)

  2. Heel veel succes met het programma. Ik las er gisteren pas over en kan me niet meer inschrijven vanwege andere plannen dit weekend. Bovendien ben ik woonachtig in Nederland en is het wellicht wel niet voor mij bestemd.
    Ben benieuwd naar de uitkomsten van de masterclasses.

    m.v.g. Jan Vugts

  3. Hi there Jan!
    Feel free to pay us a visit even if you cannot be there the whole time. You could help us as a volunteer or be a spectator. What times would you be available?

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