FWC Leuven 26.27.28 August 2016

Food Waste Challenge Leuven has been made possible with the financial support of the Provincie Vlaams-Brabant and Fonds Duurzame Materialen en Energiebeheer, managed by the Koning Boudewijn Foundation.

Food Waste Challenge Leuven was organised FSE Network and Act4Change.

From I care to idea

Bread Surplus
Our first learning journey focussed on bread waste. Participants had to collect as much bread waste as possible (and boy, was there a lot!) and made amazingly original and yummy dishes with it. Waffles, french toasts, quiche,… You name it, we had it!

Consumer Waste
Yes we cut! For the second learning journey, we organised a Disco Soup on the beautiful Ladeuzeplein in Leuven. Everybody who wants, could join us in washing, peeling, and chopping fruits & veggies to make delicious smoothies, salads, and soup – that while listening to a nice disco beat.

Crop Losses
There is nothing worst than putting love in planting fruits and vegetables and see them going to waste. But no worries, we are here to save them again! For the last learning journey, we gleaned – harvested all the surplus with a bunch of happy volunteers.

From idea to business model

Program-masterclassWe gathered a group of experts as coaches & panel speakers:
Maxime Willem – Proef!

Pieter-Jan van de Velde – Trividend,  Act4Change
Jan Leyssens – Regenerative Design, Plan C
Rob Renaerts – CODUCO
Elise Elsacker – Magma Nova, Hackistan
Gaël Staelens – VIVES University College
Luana Carretto – Taste Before You Waste
Joran Vuye – Re-Fruit
Angelique Vandevenne – Broodnodig
Joris Depouillon – Food Surplus Entrepreneurs Network
Shanthuru Premkumar – Food Surplus Entrepreneurs Network
Alice Codsi – Food Surplus Entrepreneurs Network, Disco Soupe, Slow Food Belgium

And some expert jury members:

Veerle Serpieters – Innovatiepunt
Laurie Verheyen – BECI
Francoise Decoster – Colruyt
Hélène Castel – International Food Waste Coalition
Marie Demarcke – Flanders’ FOOD
Hilaire Spreuwers – Horeca Vlaanderen vzw
Pierre-Alexander Klein – Pressformore, Hackistan
Philippe Drouillon – Metamorphosis, Transforma BXL

Prizes to win:

By joining the Food Waste Challenge Leuven, you will have the chance to win special prizes, thanks to our partners.

  • Transforma BXL offers you:
    3 part time coworking passes for three teams during 4 months (value per month 150€ + tax). Total value:  5400€ + tax
  • Hackistan offers you:
    Coaching and access to infrastructure and leverage resources,depending on your needs.
  • Co-oking offers you:
    1st: 10 hours in the kitchen + 5 hours coaching + meetup = 689€ HTVA
    2nd and 3rd: 5 hours in the kitchen = 99€ HTVA
  • Business Center De Punt offers you:
    6 hours of consulting with a value of 450€