Why participate in a Food Waste Challenge?

Start your social business
The Food Waste Challenge empowers participants with the right skills and tools to develop a social business that will prevent or reduce food waste. Whether you already have an business idea or you are just want to find ways to tackle the food waste problem, the innovative process of the FWC will help you with it. During this two-day event, you will learn how to make a viable business model, get advice from experts-entrepreneurs, and meet your future co-founders and partners.

Learn and be inspired
To start a social business, you need to experience and understand the problems linked to food waste. Therefore, the FWC starts with a learning journey where you see how, where, and why food waste occurs. You will also see what is already done to reduce food waste and what can be done even more.

Meet food waste heroes
You get the opportunity to meet local food waste heroes – entrepreneurs and innovators that make fighting food waste their daily activity. They will also be coaching you throughout and after the event and give you first-hand tips and tricks to start a business to reduce food waste.