Why host a Food Waste Challenge?

Promote innovation to reduce food waste
The Food Waste Challenge delivers innovations to prevent and reduce food waste. Participants will learn to work in a collaborative yet competitive environment, while being pressured by time. Social businesses coming out of this process will be innovative, feasible, and ready to be market-tested. While reducing food waste, these innovative businesses will also reduce cost related to waste management and reduce CO2 emissions.

Steer entrepreneurship and job creation
The Food Waste Challenge gathers 50-100 young and creative minds. They will be empowered with the latest innovation tools and will receive quality coaching by experienced food waste entrepreneurs. This process will help these changemakers create their owns food surplus enterprises, which will lead to the creation of new jobs.

Raise awareness to citizens
The event will raise awareness around food waste. It will make the citizens experience and understand this problem, and encourage them to act on it.