Why co-organize a Food Waste Challenge?

Promote innovation to reduce food waste
The Food Waste Challenge delivers innovations to prevent and reduce food waste in your company. Social businesses or business cases coming out of this process will specifically target the problem of the company and will reduce the costs associated to food waste in the company.

Connect with your stakeholders
The whole process will bring together a variety of internal and external stakeholders. It is a unique opportunity where employees from different departments and hierarchies can work together, as well as external stakeholders like your customers. At the same time, the process is an opportunity to listen and be heard, feel valuable and build lasting relationships.

Implement SDGs
Combating food waste is one of the most efficient way to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN in 2015. Indeed, the Food Waste Challenge promotes economic growth and employment (SDG 8) through its process, and helps in ensuring sustainable consumption and production (SDG 12), combating climate change and reducing greenhouse gases (SDG 13), and fighting hunger (SGD 2) through its outcomes.